Graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. With broad experience in editorial design and typography, I have worked as creative director of major Brazilian magazines and newspapers, (such as GQ), and designed a few custom corporate typefaces. I hold a Master in Typeface Design from The University of Reading-UK.

Since 2010 I have been teaching at BA and post-grad courses at Istituto Europeu Di Design (IED) and acting as a graphic designer at own design studio, where I focus in cross-media design and typography. I also work as a consultant for other design studios, advertising agencies and publishing houses.

As a type designer, I enjoy the challenge of solving specific design problems. So I have focused on the making of custom made fonts. By acting as creative director and type designer, I have experience in both sides involved in type business, providing me a good understanding on new trends. Today I work closely with type foundries in order to provide good type solutions to designers, and that includes foundries granting me access to fonts under development. In exchange I provide them feedbacks.

I have presented talks in more than 50 design events in Brazil, Ireland, Mexico and United States. I have published articles in magazines and books, and I was mentioned in many others that covering Brazilian design and type scene. Constantly I take part of jury in design competitions, such as the Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design.

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