Carimbo Letterpress is a print shop based in Brazil, which teamed up with graphic designer Andrea Kulpas to create ‘Bolandeira,' a limited edition collection of letterpress printed postcards. They invited six illustrators to take part in this project, who were asked to elaborate on the food theme and two colors: orange and rubine red. Each one developed a unique artwork to be letterpress printed on a Heidelberg Windmill. The result is a edition of 80 kits and each one comes with 6 different letterpress postcards, signed by each artist, along with a numbered certificate, all packed inside a traditional Brazilian lunch box and wrapped up in a silkscreened dishtowel.  (source:
I was proud and happy of being called to take part of this project, it s good to create something for yourself (instead for a client) once in a while. My artwork was inspired in my favorite dish: linguado à Belle Meuniére. This is a recipe made of grilled sole fish topped with mushrooms, shrimps and capers, and usually comes with rice or potatoes. I've decided to illustrate the recipe as it would be served in a plate, from a top view. The list of ingredients comes in bold typography, to represent the format of the fish, and the amount of ingredients is displayed in light typography, representing the portion of rice. Once it would be printed in letterpress, I've take the opportunity to make some areas overlap, creating a third color. I was impressed with the result, the duo at Carimbo Letterpress did a really great job! 

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