NOVA is the Brazilian version of COSMOPOLITAN, published by Editora Abril. In June 2003 the magazine published an article about the 100 hot places to date in nine major capitals of Brazil, and the art director Fernando Ramos commissioned me to design a set of icons to be used along with the 10 pages of the story. The icons would represent the kind of men that the readers would find in each place, and also the best hours and days of the week to go there. The art team provided me a sample of the page, which included the height of the dingbats on the page. The deadline was tight, so I asked the designer Beto Shibata to collaborate on the design of the dingbats. The main challenge was to make them print nicely on gravure, which was the printing process of the publication at that period. The set of icons was delivered as a dingbat font, facilitating the process of placing them on the page.

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