Exhibition of poster in celebration to 462th anniversary of São Paulo. Designers and graphic artists were invited to express their view of the city with the theme Metropolis in Motion, curated by Paulo Moretto.
My approach was to reflect on how we spread intolerance on social media when it comes to discuss mobility. Recently the city was put on a massive transformation on public transportation, and in general people tend to attack any opinion that goes against theirs, and that doesn't leave room for debate.
I decided to use city's transport iconography to express that today besides confronting others opinions, nothing is allowed. I've made them all prohibited, except the icon that I have chosen to represent social media discussion. The index finger pressing a button is used in São Paulo for places where pedestrians need to take action in order to cross to the other side. That represents the fact we have the chance to choose posting or not such comments on social media. This sign was selected for its resemblance the to Facebook’s “thumbs up” icon.

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